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Kaohsiung, a lively town full of life and energy, has something for everyone to enjoy and is therefore a favourite tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike. It is the third most populous city and trade and trade have ensured that there is a wide mix of people, cultures and communities, acting as both the maritime and industrial hub of the country.

Kenting National Park

Located on the Hengchun Peninsula in the south of Taiwan, Kenting is the oldest national park in the country and is a very popular tourist destination. Visitors mostly come to enjoy the wonderful beaches and the tropical climate that makes it so attractive with loads of beautiful scenery on offer. Bathed in beautiful sunshine, Kenting is a wonderful place to explore and lots of fauna and flora are on display.

Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a wild and wonderful place, very mountainous and actually includes twenty-five mountains that tower to a height of two thousand metres or more. It’s a magical thing to explore the hills, valleys, waterfalls and forests, and the scenery is magnificent to behold. There are many paths and trails that will take you to some of the best points of view.